Bloom’s Guide to LEX

Our team loves Lexington and we want others to love it as much as we do, so we decided to feature some of our team’s personal favorite spots around the city for y’all to enjoy, too!


Thrive Kombucha

Our friends over at Thrive are so sweet and we could talk about them all day long. Their shop is such a cute, clean and refreshing place to stop in to. Fill up your growler with their fresh kombucha or snag a granola snack, either way it’s a stop you should make!

810 N. Limestone St.

Sun-Sat 8a-5p


Corto Lima

If you’re looking for a place to have brunch...Corto Lima is your place! We love them at any time of day but our personal favorite is their weekend brunch. And talk about holy guac! If you don’t go for brunch, make sure to go for a drink and fancy tapas plate to celebrate a night this week! 

Corner of West Short + North Limestone

Wed-Mon 11:30a-10p (Fri/Sat til 11p), Tues - closed


Ona Bar

You can usually find our team at Ona on a random night of the week enjoying the deal of the night, but we especially like the Friday night special, the Dark + Stormy drink. Their vibe is so mid-century modern and we cannot get enough of it! Sit at the bar and enjoy the old kung-fu movie playing or sit in the back corner on a mod couch.

108 Church St

Sun-Sat 5p-late


Burl Arcade

Lexington’s barcade is here, and we love spending Saturday nights there! They have such a fun bar and all the arcade games to bring out the 10 year old in you again. You can find our team playing each other in skeeball or pinball or maybe one of us at Tetris lol. They are open late on the weekends so stop in and let the nostalgia ring back!

369 Thompson Rd

Sun 12p-12a, Mon-Thurs 4p-12:30a, Fri 4p-2:30a, Sat 12:30p-2:30a


Wine + Market

Wine + Market is such a delicacy to Lexington and we want everyone to know about it! Browse the wine room that inspires us to travel the world or sit and enjoy a sandwich or some cheese with the wine you picked out ;) Our friends are so sweet over there and they sure do know their wine, so go give them a visit soon! 

486 West Second St.

Sun 1p-6p, Mon-Sat 10a-8p


Worn + Company

Our friends at Worn + Co. have the absolute best shop here in town! Talk about nostalgia and bringing the past back to life. Treasures line the walls and racks of this place and if you decide to come visit the shop, Rye the friendly pup, will greet you so well!

901 Winchester Rd

Sun 1-5p, Tues-Sat 11a-7p


County Club

Where can you find the best poutine south of the Canadian border? Here at County Club! They serve the perfect pairing of smoked meat and a fine cocktail. You will definitely leave full and happy.

555 Jefferson St

Tues-Thurs 5p–10p, Fri-Sun 11a - 3p, 5p - 10p



And last but certainly not least, all of your plant desires are fulfilled here with our good friends at Forage! Try not to get obsessed with all things green and white while you’re here but we understand if you do ha! They have any plant that your green thumb, or heart, could ever desire. And they know so much about how to care for your new plant friend as well. It’s a PARTY, a plant party!

810 N. Limestone St.

Sun 11a-5p, Wed-Fri 11a-7p, Sat 11a-6p